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We are pleased to offer a new source of income for organizations engaged in the sphere of vehicle sale, maintenance and repair. Our partners can be:

• Car service stations, repair garages
• Car tuning companies
• Car Importers
• Autohauses


Why partnership with Chiptuners company is profitable for you? Let's start with the fact that we can help the above mentioned organizations to provide their clients with unique or improved products.
ВIt's simple: the higher the quality of the goods - the higher the level of customer satisfaction- the more popular and competitive becomes the seller.
Not to be unfounded, we consider some aspects of mutual cooperation.

What do car service stations and tuning companies can benefit?

If you are a car service station or tuning company, it also would be helpful for you to make friends with us, a fortiori, we can offer you actual problem solutions.
First, considering the tendency of computer software complicating, professional demands on employees, who decode and alter the software, are constantly growing. If it is not the main type of activity of your company, then your employees may face some difficulties while dealing with complicated software options. Rely on us because this is our profile: we are always aware of all the changes and among the first to learn how to deal with new challenges.
Second, you keep your own identity and strengthen your position in the market, by making your customers profitable and interesting suggestions. You will be able to offer your customers services to increase the engine power and improve driveability of the car, we'll do all the work, and you will represent the end result to the customer under your brand. And of course you will see the increase in demand for your services and sales will definitely go up.

Thus, cooperation with us will give your company the following results:

• Expanding the range of services
• lack of headaches when using the computer software : we qualitatively do all the work for you
• keeping the identity of your brand
• strengthening the market position and competitiveness
• increasing demand for services, increased sales

What do car importers and autohauses can benefit?

For the customer who wants to buy a car, the criterion of engine power is a top priority. The difference between an ordinary and a powerful engine will immediately feel even a layman. By upgrading the cars you are offering for sale, you will increase the competitiveness of the sold cars, which will lead to a substantial increase in sales.
Next, cooperation with us will allow you to expand the range of products offered. Thanks to chip tuning, customer can choose a new car with a very high power, and a used car with a very nice bonus in the form of a small increase in power and reduced fuel consumption. Additional benefits always attract customers, so the wider the range of your offers - the more potential buyers are interested in your product.
Note that chip-tuning does not involve fundamental engine changes, so if you need (for example, to refer to the warranty service), you can always return the engine to the original settings. This is an additional advantage that can attract your customers.

Let's sum up. Partnership with Chiptuners gives you the following advantages:

• improving the competitive performance of the implemented vehicles
• expanding the range of offers
• increased customer satisfaction
• warranty claims observance
• increase Sales


Also note that the experience gained in the field of chip-tuning allows us to provide expert advice to those who also decided to try his hand in the business.
To discuss possible cooperation, please contact us by telephone or email.

Maybe you have suggestions that can be interesting for us? We are pleased to expand our horizons of cooperation!

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