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Disabling the EGR system


We offer a solution for the software EGR system disable. If necessary, we make EGR mechanical valve plug.

Так выглядит клапан EGR

EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) is installed in cars to reduce the level of nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gases. This is done by returning part of exhaust gases back into the manifold intake, thereby enabling to reduce the amount of oxygen in the fuel-air mixture and reduce the formation of nitrogen Nox oxides. Thus, a loss of car engine power occurs, soot and tar are getting into the engine, causing wear and tear, and quickly oxidized motor oil, which is very negative impact on the resource of the engine.


Thus, the usefulness of the EGR system is twofold and questioned even by ecologists. Disabling the EGR system actually leads to an increased level of nitrogen oxide emission, but the emissions of soot, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide quite dramatically reduced. One more important fact is to reduce fuel consumption by disabling EGR.

In cases where the EGR system is faulty (for example, EGR valve does not work properly), it dramatically increases engine wear, increases fuel consumption and the car is running very unstable. In this case, you must urgently make costly repair or completely disable the system.

Some car owners are trying to отключить EGR EGR themselves by mechanical valve drowning. However, in many vehicles such procedure causes an error Check Engine and may lead to emergency operation with engine power loss.

Correct system removal includes both physical disconnection and software shutdown to disable the engine control unit.

The air consists of 78% nitrogen, which is oxidizing under high temperatures. EGR system is used to reduce the amount of oxygen in the fuel -air mixture, which returns a part of exhaust gases into the manifold intake, and thus reducing the output level of harmful nitrogen NOx oxide. Contrary to the firm opinion among diesel engines fans, there is no power increase after the EGR removal. Only in average mode the vehicle is a little more responsive, that certainly pleases customers. The main benefit of EGR system removing is engine cleanliness. Minus is the deterioration of environmental parameters.

We recommend shutting down the EGR system after 100 000 km run or after its failure in the early runs. Combustion products, returned to the manifold intake, have a high content of all kinds of dirty impurities on large runs. Mixing with crankcase gases, the mixture sticks to a thick layer of resin on the engine valve, the EGR valve and the manifold intake. Forward section of the manifold intake is greatly reduced, and this reduces engine power. Manifold intake and EGR valve can be cleaned indiscriminately engine. We are doing this procedure and strongly recommend to do this every 60 000 kilometers. EGR system errors can switch the car in emergency mode at the worst possible moment as usual. Therefore, the EGR system shutdown increases the engine reliability.

For those who prefer to do themselves: you can drown by yourself, but you must disable the EGR error with special tool. Otherwise the vehicle will operate in emergency mode.

EGR disable examples:

EGR disabling BMW X5 3.5d USA 2010

EGR valve EGR valve removed
EGR valve with throttle Tar deposits on EGR valve on 60 000 km run
Direct adapter is used instead of EGR system EGR system after removal

EGR disabling Audi A4 2.0TDI 140PS, 2007, 150 000 km

EGR valve Tar deposits on EGR valve on 150 000 km run


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