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Disabling the swirl flaps

We will try briefly to explain why the swirl flaps are easier to turn off than to buy new ones. For example, many VW, AUDI 3.0TDI have a problem with swirl flaps./p>

You see errors like these:

  • flaps-1P3069 - Swirl flap control
  • P3066 - Swirl flap control
  • P3193 - Swirl flap of the manifold intake..

The cost of the swirl flaps is not compared with the benefits that they bring, and so often the owners of these cars for a long time keeping their car with burning lamp Check engine. If swirl flap is operating not correct, smoke appears, traction falls from below and slightly increases fuel.

flaps-3There are two ways to solve this problem: either buy an expensive item (and there are two), or disable the swirl flaps programmatically using the chip-tuning. The second solution is cheaper and also helps to improve the dynamics, since together with disabling swirl flaps you can increase the engine power up to 30% and therefore reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%. After software is disabled, drivers and flaps can be removed or locked in the open state.

Software shutdown is possible to effect on many cars, so check the availability by contacting us.

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