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Chip tuning - is not new, but very popular service provided by auto repair centers. From the name itself it is clear that the chip tuning is a "tuning of the chip", correction of the program data which is responsible for motor control. Unlike other types of tuning, in this case there is no external changes to the vehicle: chip tuning changes the behavior of the car and improves its technical characteristics.

Why the need for Chip Tuning?

Certainly, many people want their car to drive faster, immediately perform the commands and a little reduce fuel consumption. Chip tuning solves these problems. By modifying the engine management program, achieving the following results:

  • increase engine power up to 40% (with no mechanical interference occurs)
  • increase torque
  • reduce fuel consumption
  • reduce the response time to press the "gas"
  • improve the dynamics of dispersal
  • flexibility is achieved by working at low and medium engine speeds

In other words, thanks to chip tuning car gets faster and more maneuverable ride - safe, confident and more emotional. A completely new driving experience, together with increasing efficiency - good arguments in favor of making chip tuning for your car.

What vehicles are subject to chip tuning?

КTo the delight of those who are driving, there are practically no restrictions, today almost any type of vehicle can be chip-tuned: passenger cars and trucks, road and agricultural equipment, as well as snowmobiles, aquabikes, boats, motorcycles, etc.
The only caveat: some vehicles are equipped with engine control software, which is virtually impossible to modify, or rewrite will not be able to give a substantial increase in performance. In such cases, the chip-tuning does not make sense. To determine whether you can make chip tuning for your car, consult a specialist.

Who and how does the chip-tuning on our service station?

quantum-office-4Let’s start with the fact that all our specialists are highly skilled professionals using in their work only the highest quality materials, professional software and hardware.
Chip tuning process takes place in three stages. At the first stage, the original program is read from the control unit, the second step is the correction of the program (including road and climatic characteristics of the region, fuel quality, car producers classic "flaws", etc.), the third - a revised version of the firmware stored in the control unit .

Help your car to open a "second wind" - use our service chip tuning! Our experts will be happy to show you their professional skills at a highest level, so that you can feel more confident and comfortable behind the wheel of your car!



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